Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wimbledon on Streaming Radio

If ever there was a bad idea it is the live streaming radio feed of Wimbledon tennis.

I happen to tune into the BBC streaming radio from time to time throughout the day. Today they were streaming live audio from the Women's tennis matches at Tennis' big event.

I cannot listen to Wimbledon on streaming radio. It is two women grunting and screaming with all their might in desperate exertions...then applause.

At least there is that spongy "thock" of the ball on the grass courts to give some idea of a context to the other sounds.

The best part is...desperate grunting female exertions...then...the whoaaa....of the shocked and disappointed crowd.

It is so laughably amusing to hear. If only the lady players would yell at the judges more.


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Sara Sue said...

How odd, I tuned it too ... then cracked up! I started to turn it off but opted to turn it up instead. Just in case the neighbors had any doubt about what kind of woman they're residing near.