Monday, July 30, 2007

Bond Movie Music

I grew up with the Bond films.

We used to go watch Bond movies as groups of friends in the back of someone's parent's SUV with Quiet Riot blaring...what a cool parent we had in our group.

I was thinking about my favorite Bond theme songs. Of course there is the unforgettable Monty Norman theme with the "Dum di-di dum dum". Here are my top 5 Bond themes of all time:

5 "Live and Let Die" Sir Paul McCartney (iTunes) (yewchube)

No, Guns and Roses didn't write it, though they did a solid cover of it.

4 "A View to a Kill" Duran Duran (iTunes)(yewchube)

Once the epitome of hip and mod, now a little cheesy...still a great Bond song. The video is amusing if not for the originally intended reasons.

3 "Nobody Does it Better" Carly Simon (iTunes)(yewchube)

Many have sung this one, and I still think nobody does it better.

2 "For Your Eyes Only" Sheena Easton (yewchube)

Where is the official iTunes version Sheena? I love this song.

1 "The World is Not Enough" Garbage (iTunes)(yewchube)

What an achievement, they wrote a new rock song with the classic bond feel and all the Garbage trademarks. Brilliant. The music video is amazing.

Have a happy monday!


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Just One of Many said...

I love the Bond theme songs. James was sooo much sexier with these songs. Mine fave happens to be from Carly Simon! BTW...I love the "Dum di-di dum dum" when the action get good!!