Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Under Cover Ladies

Dear Saudi Arabia,

I want to suggest a different way of looking at the issue of women and their place in society.

 In the West it's easy for us to say that causing women to be covered head to toe is repressive of and insulting them.

 It is our presumption that both genders share equal status and stature in society and that our society is fuller, more interesting, and benefits more fully from its human resources than other cultures when we include everyone.

 You need only look at World War II, where American women built weapons to supply the war effort, to understand a possible natural advantage of freeing women to do as they can and as they will.

 I also want to point out that causing women to be covered and repressed is insulting to men.

In my culture, I can see women at work, at holiday destinations, at night clubs or restaurants. I must cope with a the natural reaction I have to the attractiveness of women and I can do so. I must be professional with a woman whose only reason for speaking to me might be work related. Not every contact between genders must have our natural desires be the focal point. Men and probably women too, deal with how these natural impulses influence how they feel. I think it can be both a little stressful and a little stress mitigating to see women in and have self control over my own reaction to those situations.

I can handle it! So can you! Respect yourself enough to believe that.

A society where the desires of women are met might be a happier one for both genders.

Think of the advantages to your country and the region of freeing, fully educating and allowing full participation of women in your society. Something like Islamic Science should not sound like an oxymoron. Once, some of the best science of the world was developed and recorded by Middle Eastern cultures. Think what you can do if you double your effective capability by freeing women.

Modernity is not just one way of life...it's the idea that by exploring what is possible we could discover new solutions. Maybe the world needs some of your society's best thinking on the way forward. Giving proper dignity and freedom to all members of your society will help the world overcome obstacles to understanding what your society has to offer.

Let's not forget the benefits of free thought and freedom of religion. One thing at a time then.

Thank You,