Friday, August 31, 2007

NBC Universal

I bought Heroes last season from the iTunes music store...All the episodes. I want to buy it again this season. It was about $2.00 an epidode. Since it is data, I would think there is some cost savings on the product development side compared to DVD. The price for the season should be comparable or less than a DVD. While you get a replayable version shortly after it airs, you don't get the whole season up front and you can do that same thing with a DVR anyway.

NBC still broadcasts this show to millions, still sells DVDs to millions. Why they would block the revenue stream of the itunes users I have no idea. It seems nonsensical.

Unless...this is just another petty Microsoft bid to channel shows to their XBox live system from Apple's iTunes. Why they presume they could not "add" to their online viewers by using multiple channels for distribution is something I don't understand. I just want Heroes on my iPhone.

I know I could get what I want with or without the cooperation of the out-of-touch stooges in the board room, but for Sagan's Sake (so says Starbuck in the original...) let me PAY for Battlestar Galactica and Heroes by keeping them on iTunes!!!

PLEASE let me buy shows on iTunes!! I beg you, LET ME GIVE YOU friggin nut-cases!!!

I can play Heroes season 1 on my iPod, iPhone or AppleTV! Of course I am not going to pay double what I would pay for DVDs, duh, but let me pay the $2.00 per episode! I'd even go for some ads in the data stream.

Is it really cheaper to sue people? Why do Xbox live and iTunes have to be mutually exclusive? We know it's computer data, it isn't THAT painful to distribute it...Hell, the people who use the torrent networks seem to get it done rather efficiently!

There seems to be a hint that high budget shows will go the way of the great Pyramids, something that is only possible when a very few control a lot of wealth. Ok, I am not a slave to TV, though it must be compelling enough to make ads worth what people pay.

I dream of a well made show that is so widely purchased that it can be funded by the viewers directly, though that would mean artistic development, not profiteers, would need to get most of the money. That is counterproductive to the rich getting richer.

Besides, if the shiny talking box doesn't tell me what to buy, how on Earth will I ever know?


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Great Drink

There is a delicious drink called a Kobai. I don't know that my musician friend Jefferson Montoya invented it, though it is a fine beverage. I like to chill the ingredients, though it is good with room temp liquor as well.

Just mix KahlĂșa, Southern Comfort and Orange Juice in equal amounts.

Some people increase the Orange Juice a little, though it will just take longer to get trashed and share too much personal info.

It is a delicious drink with a good kick and some great flavor combinations. No part of it seems to overpower, it just adds complexity. I have enjoyed quite a few Kobai moments with my friends in Vegas. Cheers! Thanks to Jefferson, now go buy his album, it rocks. You could get a free ipod according to his site.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Glorious Resilience

As I go from day to day and meet the challenges of modern human life I have to stop sometimes to appreciate how truly adaptable I am. I have been enjoying "Year Zero" the latest NIN album and while I measure best in cm, I have to say I have survivalism too!

I must give myself credit. I never knew what self control really was. I generally spent most of my life apart from a few subtle aberrations under a strong titanium clamp of self control. Surely it is self control that keeps me from driving into the gully when I am on a highway or from committing crime or even misdemeanors. Self control helps me make healthy food choices much though not all the time.

I realized a whole new arena of self control where I need a lot of work. As I finally get into investing some extra money in stocks and bonds and other markets, I see I have been a powerfully active and avid investor for years. I emotionally invest to the nth degree.

Those familiar with therapy will tell me that I am "co-dependent" sometimes. I depend too much on outward approval for inner self esteem. Emotionally investing in what others feel is not bad for those who have to make an effort to do it, though for me I need to practice this new aspect of self control. I need to not feel awful so much. When the hot bar tender chick smiles at me and asks me how my day was or the flat out gorgeous woman who cuts my hair makes light conversation I tend to over invest in feelings like "oh a beautiful woman is talking to me". Though I know the reality is that this is business like cordial behavior related to the transaction we are making, my emotions up and run away with the idea that lovely women are responding in an apparently positive manner to me.

Though I am outwardly cordial, give a good tip and say a friendly "have a good weekend" to these service providers, inwardly I feel devastated and very powerfully sad and bitter. Mainly because I allowed my emotions to fool me. I allowed my heart to hope such things when I should have practiced self control.

When self esteem is a constant project for me like so much piled up laundry and ironing, it can feel strange to actually need to try to exercize self control about feeling a need for human intimacy. It's not that these people are tortured talking to me, it might be much less pleasant for them to talk to someone not as positive and friendly as I am, it's just that for me, in my internal life...when I am driving away...I need to have practiced some investment discretion...some emotional self control over how much self worth I am pouring into the outcome of these encounters. They aren't a good source for that.

The same goes for workplace success. It can be good and sweet, though it is not even a major portion of my core self worth.
Managing emotional investment can be like trying to keep an inflating balloon mashed into its original size while taking on more and more pressure. So I have to control the "valve". I need mental self control over the need for human intimacy and acceptance, while still acknowledging this as a legitimate part of a full life. It is tough to be me! It takes real effort.

Desire can be like a shuttle launch in my mind. It's hard to hide the effects of the unfulfilled "want" from the public. Though I have to be a soldier, be a man, and "need" able to be ok with no validation, no love and no intimate relationships. Am I right? Then the true air of love will be like a calm cool breeze I will notice better with out the hurricane of disillusionment that normally roars.

It sucks to know beauty, to see the spring and pretend I have no thirst.

All I really need is inner peace.

(though you should see these women, they are so'd at least have to praise my good eye for hotness)

Still, I must respect myself and my nature and needs as valid and real. I just don't want them to rule my happiness, I want the self control over my emotional inflation. Hence the title, "My Glorious Resilience" rather then my old negative thought habits like "How middle-aged-ugly-sons-of-bitches-with-no-game cope with sexual frustration"....I still see the humor in that title though. Beware of the "hyphen"!!!

If only I had enough self control not to blog so honestly about the struggle.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Key Bank Tower Implosion in Salt Lake City

This was a structurally sound great and spacious building that just didn't fit in with the "taleban" mall plans. Your tithing money at work. And don't try to tell me they aren't using tithing money. It's like saying "We paid with bread, not with wheat"!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm a Virgin

Oh God Yes is it ever true. I am, of course, a "born again virgin" and what better place to hang out than the "Virgin Music Festival". What a great time!!!
My (lack of belief in) GOD! 2 days of concerts!!! 24 hours of music total!!!

And it was like...non-stop parade of hotties!!!
I chatted up a few girls, one was so friendly and nice and engaged damnit...She showed me her WCP though, what a sport....what is WCP you ask? I'll give you a hint...the first 2 letters are for White and Cotton.

You know, the sound quality was so excellent...they say the best in the industry for concerts. No feedback noise EVER!!
Everything was so beautifully mixed that I just selected a stage distance that was in keeping with my comfort and it was always just great. I could always see the musicians on stage or see the big huge video screens with award winning camera work.

So it was excellent all around.

I met the chick that runs a commune in the woods that owns the copyright to the "Stop Bitching, Start a Revolution" T-shirts. I bought her a beer. She looked like she needed one and was very grateful.

I saw Richard Branson in the crowd, so cool he actually showed up, what a hip bloke.

I sat pretty close for the piano playing chick, Regina Amos Spektor...I mean...Regina Spektor...what did I say? She is witty and lovely and funny...I bought a CD of hers from the Virgin Mega Store tent and waited in line for 20 minutes to get her to sign it. She was incredibly sweet and sincere and nice...I fell for her madly. I guess I am starstricken.

I saw the Smashing Pumpkins...reunited, brilliant, in good form and on their game. They played new stuff like "Death From Above"...the new goth anthem...and old stuff too "Inspite of my rage I am still just a rat in a cage...". The "1979" song sounded amazing even without the sampler. Billy Corgan is all business, focused and intense...he is one Smashing Pumpkin. He is really focussed and concentrates when performing and the band comes off sounding so many 18 year olds breasts. They go from mosh music to reflective emotional music...such a range.

Interpol were just amazing. They are like Joy Division if they made it big...reliable melancholly drone of pure direct injectable joy. They showed up in suits and ties with a big red Epiphone hollow body electric in the guitarists hands. They looked brilliant. And there is no "I" in "Threesome" I checked.

The show had 2 huge a big temporary structure/ tent thing with DJ's and had surround pumpin hot with huge screens and lights...Diesel Boy and no less than Crystal Method who just made the place a huge dance.

"All these little pills that give us such a thrill until they kill a million brain cells"

Crystal method have the best gig ever. One guy runs the buttons..and spins the "scratch" disk and the other dances with hot chicks at the front of the stage. Then they switch. "Get Hypnotized"! The one guy stands up on top of things and whips the crowd into a frenzy...the sound was so right on...not earsplitting but clear and thumpin good. I am completely drunk right now.

Even the food was wild too. Ever seen people at a concert sit down with 3 or 4 fresh boild crabs and start cracking them open with a little wood mallet? It was way different from regular show food. All the plastic was made from corn and compostable.

The show was repleat with a lot of breathers and stuff...OxFam America was there ...they are my favorite place to put my "tithing" money anymore.

I will have to do a whole other posting on Baltimore itsself. So many quirky experiences available there. I stayed at the Marriot Water Front hotel, which is really nice and just drove or Metro'd to the show .

Since it was 2 days long I have to tell you about a few more bands. I saw "Bad Brains" who are like...reggae then speed metal then reggae. I caught the WuTang Clan...nice to see some hip hop rap stuff represent. I had a special moment after Bad Brains when a shoe-gazer band called "Explosions in the Sky" was checking sound. I was standing by a Baltimore 98 Rock tent where they were playing Joy Division "Dead Souls" on their stereo and the sound check guy was like "Oh you've got green eyes oh you've got blue eyes, you've got grey eyes" and I felt the zen of melancholly New Orderness that made life good.

The there was....drum roll please.....

The POLICE! Yes with Sting....

He was so classy..."That's Stuart Copeland and Andy Summers...." never once saying who he was because we all know, of course. He was in excellent form...playing the bass and singing like a siren. He even did some 4ft jumps in the air like a rockstar. It was so great to see them. They just played the hits in excellent form. Once he said "This is not at all autobiographical.." before "Don't stand so close to me". Funny. I loved the show, they rocked the place...lots of "Message in a bottle" crowd singing along with some "eeeeooooo...eeeeyooooo.....eeeeeyoooo...". Roxanne is still a damn hooker...after all these years...I'm impressed, frankly.

I almost "hooked up" with some hottie who was clearly to flipped out on something to make good choices so I dropped that like a hat from a bridge.

This is not someone I met...this is a picture of the stage...and NOTHING ELSE!!!

My pics are just my lil iPhone, so they aren't much to was a great show.