Friday, August 31, 2007

NBC Universal

I bought Heroes last season from the iTunes music store...All the episodes. I want to buy it again this season. It was about $2.00 an epidode. Since it is data, I would think there is some cost savings on the product development side compared to DVD. The price for the season should be comparable or less than a DVD. While you get a replayable version shortly after it airs, you don't get the whole season up front and you can do that same thing with a DVR anyway.

NBC still broadcasts this show to millions, still sells DVDs to millions. Why they would block the revenue stream of the itunes users I have no idea. It seems nonsensical.

Unless...this is just another petty Microsoft bid to channel shows to their XBox live system from Apple's iTunes. Why they presume they could not "add" to their online viewers by using multiple channels for distribution is something I don't understand. I just want Heroes on my iPhone.

I know I could get what I want with or without the cooperation of the out-of-touch stooges in the board room, but for Sagan's Sake (so says Starbuck in the original...) let me PAY for Battlestar Galactica and Heroes by keeping them on iTunes!!!

PLEASE let me buy shows on iTunes!! I beg you, LET ME GIVE YOU friggin nut-cases!!!

I can play Heroes season 1 on my iPod, iPhone or AppleTV! Of course I am not going to pay double what I would pay for DVDs, duh, but let me pay the $2.00 per episode! I'd even go for some ads in the data stream.

Is it really cheaper to sue people? Why do Xbox live and iTunes have to be mutually exclusive? We know it's computer data, it isn't THAT painful to distribute it...Hell, the people who use the torrent networks seem to get it done rather efficiently!

There seems to be a hint that high budget shows will go the way of the great Pyramids, something that is only possible when a very few control a lot of wealth. Ok, I am not a slave to TV, though it must be compelling enough to make ads worth what people pay.

I dream of a well made show that is so widely purchased that it can be funded by the viewers directly, though that would mean artistic development, not profiteers, would need to get most of the money. That is counterproductive to the rich getting richer.

Besides, if the shiny talking box doesn't tell me what to buy, how on Earth will I ever know?


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