Monday, June 25, 2007

Kama Sutra II

I am sure you all read my political postings with rapt attention and just agree so much that no comment is necessary.

Really though...

I know everyone just wants more Kama Sutra!!... in their lives and on my blog, so here we go! This time I will try KSHk...Kama Sutra Haiku. The Haiku trend was brought on by the Degenerate Elite. You know who you are.

Of course I must tell you I simply found these photos online earlier this year. They are apparently photos from an ad campaign from Turkey. If you found these on your own, at least I know you have never seen them with Haiku's yet!

This should prove quite fun
Haiku for Kama Sutra
Poses in clothing!

That's how she likes it
We connect in a structure
Geometric love.

When you give your best
And keep your head in the game
You never lose face

If I concentrate
And really focus on things
I can see your junk

Did you know this babe?
I am one for fine dining
Why partake alone?

Just like all people
When I see these lovely shots
I want a love life

And why shouldn't I?
Fulfill this good desire
I am a cool guy!

I sincerely hope you enjoy them. Until next time!


Sara Sue said...

One can never get too much Kama Sutra. I sincerely enjoyed them.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Love your creativity, Sumwun. Totally great Haiku. And pics.

Sumwun said...

Thanks to both of you.

Sara Sue...I can never get enough either!

Sister Mary Lisa...Your pic makes me want to be catholic... and get into some naughty habits.

Christy said...

So well done my friend
You have got the Haiku Knack
to drive women wild

Sumwun said...

Thanks, Christy. Where my wild women izzat? Apart from the ones that are 2000 miles away and are all out of airmiles. We all know women are trouble. And some trouble can be wonderful to get into.