Friday, February 09, 2007


New, funny words seem to get into our language sometimes. In the U.S. I have heard the term WONK for people who are so in the KNOW that they sound almost snooty for knowing. Maybe I am a WONK for knowing what a WONK is!?

Then there's Noopsie...from the Tivo show The O.C. (poor Mischa Barton, held responsible for single handedly killing a show though maybe saved herself from eternally playing one character) I finally think I have that word figured out. I think it's for those born with a silver spoon in their mouth. A kind of privelaged and entitled class that are so privelaged and entitled they hardly know that they are. You take silver SPOON and reverse SPOON to get NOOPS then diminutize it in a dismissive yet adoring way to NOOPSIE.

Even if I have these "wrong" there is really no absolute right or wrong in evolving language. I have spoken backwards for fun for much of my life so I sometimes catch on to these things.

Maybe I should invent my own words like as JetSet is to world travel maybe an ETSAT could be to someone with good taste. NAMUH's (Nah-moooz) could be atheists who still have morals. Maybe TRAMS are people that are so smart they believe in sustainable development and walkable communities.

EKUN, eco-friendly people who are OK with Nuclear power because it doesn't emit carbon dioxide.

REDEEPS, those who buy hybrid cars just so they can accelerate faster at the same fuel consumption and carbon emission rate as their old car, which they sold to someone else anyway.

YAG's, men who like Cold Play AND sex with women.

What do you think? Any more newspeak words out there? I am still waiting for my Wall-Size T.V.



Christy said...

I stand all amazed as my jaw hit the floor. I humbly bow at your feet and pledge my undying admiration and loyalty.

As far as newspeak.... lemmee think some more and get back to you.

Sumwun said...

Oh This is nice, though surely all this bowing is not warranted. I have been in need of some undying admiration and loyalty, that I deserve ;)

Now goeth and buildeth me an Ark!!!!!

Just one of many said...

Love the your "TIW, The ability to be original and clever at the same time without sounding like an ass."
I usually came across rather bitchy and judgemental...that would be "ELOHSSA"!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

ha ha ha

Love this post. NUW MUS NAF. That's me.

Pete Dunn said...

AGINAV a really good time thinking of new words...

Sumwun said...

Hahah ol' salty dawg.

SML thanks for your flattering props!