Sunday, February 04, 2007

God is not a woman

Men who say God is a woman are smart, because it scores them points with women.

I think women who say God is a woman want to emphasize that their gender should be accepted and respected. To gain esteem of self and others why not co-brand with a concept widely revered by men and women? Naturally women do deserve equal treatment as human beings and should respect themselves and be accepted and respected by all humans.

Let me start here: anthropromorphizing the divine is vain (as in both self-serving and pointless) and exactly where we went wrong with religion in the first place. Male and female humans are so similar in the cosmic perspective that there is no reason in the idea of a God of a particular gender. One is as good as the other in this symbolism. I think elevating human characteristics to God-defining-level is of no particular interest to my view of things eternal, all powerful and omnipresent. People only do it to attach something about themselves to something powerful.

God is probably..."Gravity" or "Order" or some other concept. Saying "God is an American" makes about as much rational sense. It is the application of a lower order, limited concept upon a higher order limitless concept and it has no useful meaning at all, unless David Bowie says it.

I think there may not be a God of any kind we hope for. If there is such a God, even the definition we invented for Him or Her places this being well outside the limits that proscribe Human Beings. Women are born, live, bleed, feel pain, die. This is not a definition of God by anyone's standard. This is, however, an equally perfect definition of a man.

God is black, God is muslim, God is a jew, God is a mormon, God is Jesus, God has a beard, God has a womb, God is me. All these are the foolish self-serving imaginations of insecure humans seeking self-esteem, self importance...seeking a way to have it over on whomever they feel normally has it over on them.

Calling God a woman is the same idea as using God to support the Irish Republicans against the Unionists and vice versa. It's the same idea as using God to justify terror attacks.

The only reason to say it is to enhance one's own position in regard to other people. This God person gets used and abused for mutual repression and man or woman's inhumanity to man or woman. God gets exploited to push just about anything. Ultimately, God is a man-made concept. This does not preclude there being wonders and realities yet beyond our understanding, but this one is a rusty tired old dented hammer that has been used far to much by people to bludgeon one another.

I hope women will seek their self esteem and have the respect they deserve as human beings. Groping for God status is an act of desperation and corruption to which no man or woman aspires for any noble reason, but only to dominate and repress one another. After we are over the need to reach to the ultimate symbol, maybe it is finally time to look within for worth.

Yes, you guessed it, I am also contending that God is not a man.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Great post, SW. I'm thinking you're on to something here. I wonder how pathetic God finds our ideas of what God is (if there is one)...

Pete Dunn said...

But God IS a BYU fan, right?

Just one of many said...

No, Pete, he is a Texas Tech fan, but Satan has been hounding us forever!!
SW, I totally agree. Humans tend to be very splintering in their concepts of God. It is an either or proposition. IF there is a God, it is a bi-sexual union of spirit. Recognizing and understanding all sexes or existence as a whole.

Sumwun said...

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Christy said...

I just wanted to brag and say I'm proud to be first on the blog roll. I'm sure it's just coincidence, but still, I wanted to stake that claim for Sum Wun's blog archives.

Anyway, great post. I love the writing and the way your mind works. My only complaint is that you don't do more of it!

Sumwun said...

I....I...can do it more. Um. Here she is, First on My Blog Roll!!!! Don't let my humor distract anyone from my sheer enjoyment and honor at reading and associating with the Degenerate Elite. 1...2..3..."Love Fest!!!!"