Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Walkie Talkie

I often hear the chirp of the Nextel/Sprint and other walkie-talkie cell services around the office. It's almost like a status symbol to say ..."I have this cool phone with this cool technology."

I think it should not be a status symbol. Think of it...someone else who has the ability to chirp into your phone and say whatever they please on a speaker phone at any time owns you. (for my geekier readers I am saying you are pwned)

I could never allow especially a best friend to have push button access to my personal audio earshot without a filter.


Rachel said...

Every time I hear the Nextel chirp I want to take the phone and bash it into the head of it's owner until the phone is broken and the owner is bloody.
I HATE it!!!!!

Sara Sue said...

I especially love to hear the chirp and the voice of a stranger when I'm in a public restroom. Always startles me and that can be a bad thing when you hover.

Pete Dunn said...


So did you end up banging those girls I saw you leave the bar with last night?