Friday, January 12, 2007

Kama Sutra

SML commented on a recent blog and requested more Kama Sutra stuff. So I decided there was only one high brow way to combine my western education and upbringing with the Kama Sutra in any way that is at all tasteful.

The Kama Sutra was once emailed to me in its entirety, with pictures and all, while I was in college. I am sure the beautiful woman who sent it to me was aching for my attention but my uptight religiously indoctrinated conclusion was she was mocking me. Naturally, that's why a hot college girl you always chat to in the mac-lab emails you the Kama Sutra. not to live with regret!? The point is, at the tender age of "college freshman" I knew exactly what it was and read EVERY word and studied the pictures.

While it IS my goal to be free thinking and address any topic whatsoever, I am not trying to make a porn-blog. Therefore...

Today I combine my love of Middle English Poetic Meter (Iambic pentameter), and other forms as well, with the MOST tasteful Kama Sutra pictures I could possibly imagine...which are still very sexy....from a clothing ad campaign in Turkey. I borrow them shamelessly from

I will not endeavor to refer to these Kama Sutra positions by their real names...and now...I digress.

For each depiction
I shall write a poem:

You rise, an ocean crashing on the rocks
Before, upon me... hair is as a mist
Two hands lay palms to rest upon my shins
My arms embrace you; heels support my back
You are within me, I am within you

my love is sweet fate
we want the very same things
this one she likes most

Some may live for fast cars
Some lust for cool phones
Some long to drink fine wine
And some to walk brilliant rows
I live for only one thing that soon comes to mind
To be possessed in your legs, give your neck a dulcet kiss
and see that look on your face, it's the reason I live.

Treat me as your chair
Your comfy leather couch
I will always be there
To... to... cup your breasts
As you crab walk over me
Yes, what I remember
And what you recall
May seem different at first look
Though the intensity is what we share
The focus for eachother
The diverted stare
Lost in the dream we made real
Catching each other's eyes in our wall of mirrors
We both seek heaven ahead, me through you and you on our bed.

There you go.
If you liked those, I will make more some time.



Anonymous said...

yes, yes! Me like. A lot.

SumWun said...

I applaud your enthusiasm, bunny.

SumWun said...

Well christy, it's just you and me. I frightened off all the other viewers who cannot stomach fully clothed erotica.

Anonymous said...


You should have said something! This is the BEST! I am once again in awe of your skills. I thought I liked you after the bus post, but THIS? This. Is. Awesome!

Your pictures here are absolutely perfect. And hot, somehow. Your description of getting the Kama Sutra e-mail and your subsequent "uptight religiously indoctrinated conclusion" were classic, and well described.

After all the work that went into the great poetry and writing here, do you mind if I add you to my blogroll, as well as post about this post, to maybe get you the traffic you deserve on this?? I mean, it's the least I can do in return for your granting my request so eloquently about the Kama Sutra!

:) Love it.

SumWun said...

Aye lass, please add! Thanks for the feedback.

Anonymous said...

Hey, SML joined in the Kama Sutra love fest so it's a threesome now, nice! :)

SW- I already added you to my blog list, and never bothered to ask. Hope that's okay!

Anonymous said...

I posted about you just now. :)

Anonymous said...

I followed SML's advice to check out your site & I'm impressed.

SumWun said...

Christy - You had me at "yes, yes!" I think I have a big enough heart to love more than one person. ;)

SML - The posting was just great...Thanks for the traffic direction, it feels good to get a favorable review!

Freckle Faced Girl - Welcome to the dance!

Anonymous said...

It is just me or does it seem wrong to by fully clothed while posing positions from the Kama Sutra?

Anonymous said...

Echoing Christy's reply "me Like" and me gonna give it a go...without clothers!!!

Anonymous said...

Had I known that we had fully clothed erotica, I would have been here sooner.

Thank Sister ML for another visitor to your site. She is indefatigable in getting around.

Rachel, there is nothing wrong with being fully clothed. The cloth provides an alternate form of friction that when done right can lead to transformational bliss (as long as you avoid fabric burns on sensitive parts).


Did you move our orgy over here without telling me?

Anonymous said...

"indefatigable in getting around"??? I'm not sure if I should be offended or kiss you, T.W.

Something definitely happens to me when the word idefatigable gets used, I'll admit it openly. I can't help myself.

SumWun said...

French is "Tu est une haricot vert, un agrafeuse, mon petit chou!" Sounds incredibly romantic. It means "you are a geen bean, a stapler, my little cabbage".

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I like it. Of course, I'd probably like it better when hearing French vs. reading it, since I have no clue.

belaja said...

OK, there have to be more of those pictures somewhere, SumWun (haha, I think I'm so funny). Except I cannot find them on Fresh.99 and I AM GETTING FRUSTRATED. Please link more specifically.