Monday, April 21, 2008


I sometimes get accused of taking a "victors perspective" on the Palestinian-Isreali conflict. I am not sure what people mean...are they talking about biblical jews returning from exile in Egypt marching in circles around Jericho or do they just mean...that the British won the war with the Ottoman Empire?

In any case, though I am solidly set on the need for a Jewish homeland in the world, I loathe and regret the suffering of the Palestinians. I think Gaza is such an inhumane place in some ways, run by thugs hell bent on teaching hate to their children to regain homes and lands the cost for which was long ago exceeded by their destructive behaviors and their losses at the hands of the Israeli military who seem to have a planned 10:1 destruction ratio in mind when retaliating against rocket attacks.

In some ways, I am convinced that Palestinians and Jews lived more peacefully and happily together at the time...maybe in the mid 80's...where Palestinians had very free and open commerce with Israel and crossed back and forth across territory borders daily for work. Ok, it wasn't perfect...suicide bombings from the Palestinian side and invasive settlements on the Israeli side led to a divisive zeitgeist along with the recent "intifada".

Now the Palestinians, especially in Gaza, are in a kind of constant desperation. Israel, now it has depopulated its Jewish settlements in Gaza, can manipulate energy and goods flow, guarding both their land border with Gaza and access to the Mediterranean sea. Recently the Palestinians burst through the border Gaza shares with Egypt, though this border is also controlled by theory.

I think Palestinians have in mind that they can out-breed the Jews and use Natalism to eventually change the facts on the ground. While practicing this ideal, they grow hungrier, more pressured for resources and have serious health issues like sand-berm sewage storage lakes that burst actually drowning people..with the potential to harm many people. There is also an enormous disease risk in trying to over populate on principal. Eventually this tactic will bring disasters to Palestinians who would do far better to recognize Israel, live in peace even as citizens of the same country. They could hold office, have stability and benefit from the western lifestyle. It could be done, it would just take some common sense, leadership and vision. When there is peace, Palestinian compensation claims could be considered and promoted by the international community...investment could flow into these lands.

This awfully evil policy of keeping Palestinians in ignorant blind hatred of Israel is a great part of the harm done to this people. Stop firing rockets, stop terroist bombings and the future can look different. If not, the Palestinians will fight against a negative public image as terrorist thugs when what they really need is international financial and humanitarian aid on a huge scale.

Maybe I do see a "Victors Perspective" but that also includes concern for my fellow human beings who are taking a path which will lead them into needless pain and suffering. We may never be able to change their hearts about the absolutely immutable need for a Jewish state, but I would love to change their minds about dashing themselves to bits against its walls.


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