Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Scientifically Designed by Idiots

I have recently had the absolutely baffling experience of encountering the "Step One Survey II™". This is a "tool" used by some HR departments to evaluate candidates in a way that is meant to determine their honesty and reduce the chance of hiring someone who might participate in fraudulent behavior, rip the company off, deal drugs at work or hoark things from the suppy cabinet.

The survey asks the same questions over and over in many different ways. What is the idea? Do they think they will trick me into a false memory?

Even after the third time they ask in a slightly altered way, I've still never used or distributed drugs in the workplace!

I have noticed these tests are most often sold to paranoid, perhaps gullible, small town companies probably by filling their decision-maker's imaginations with fearsome visions of the cruel world of the unwashed heathens outside their quaint under-sexed and bored main streets.

The result of my choice to deal in good faith with employers is that I refuse to comply with these ridiculous surveys which were "scientifically" designed by idiots. They weed me out, thanks to my dignity, even though I am not the drug using thief they fear. That person is probably not qualified for that job anyway. Nevermind the possibility they could lie and game the test.

I'd rather pee in a cup.


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