Friday, February 01, 2008

Microsoft and Yahoo!

The exclamation point is part of the Yahoo! name. That may give you an idea bout how I feel about this proposed merger.

I must lament... oh must it be?

does Microsoft have to further defile all that is good, holy and silicon valley?

must the one Mircosoft Way replace the Web Your Way!!! .........

must I be made to pine for the old days? can't Yahoo! merge with a nice neighbor like Apple or even Sun. I get that Google is a competitor and Microsoft wants to compete. But our precious ?

I remember having to stop using Hotmail when Microsoft bought them out. I was ok with occasionally tolerating IE for work testing and MSN Messenger for lowest common denominator PC users who just won't trouble themselves to try something else. But this is like a punch to the gut. It's like having Volkswagen get bought by GM. Nobody wants to lose what's great about Yahoo! to the Microsoft machine.

oh ?

Now, everyone, join with me and sing the Yahoo! anthem. Maybe if enough of us sing, we will ward off the impending evil. Feel free to wave your arms in the air. You might look retarded, but it's all about how you feel. Click the album cover below:


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