Friday, January 18, 2008


Society seems to enjoy making priesthoods of knowledge. This is a group or class that is entrusted to understand and explain with authority things no one else can understand or should bother themselves to understand because the one authoritative way of seeing things is already determined.

Once you have a priesthood you can then use your own compliance with their edicts to set yourself above and apart from others and in turn shame and degrade them! Exciting isn't it? (rhetorical am I not?)

As an ex-religious I have seen this kind of behavior...the leaning on an agreed upon authority and following it blindly while heaping disapproval or even venom upon any non -compliant people.

I also see this in the "Web Development" field.

Some have granted a "Priesthood" status to the W3C. "THEY" have deprecated the use of the word URL. Never mind the culture or history or people's speech patterns. You see, their authority extends over the earth as a mighty flood with the power to control your every utterance and ban you from stepping out of line in word and deed!

We should all now say URI. And I say we should all now say "Fellate my Phallus" instead of...nevermind.

I digress. I understand that scientifically it is a better word to describe what people have apparently misused "URL" to describe for years. I get the technical argument that URL's are a subset of what URI's are etc.

What I can't agree with is an organization, only given notice by the famous names that subscribe to it, can somehow now "correct us all" into changing the way we speak and attempt to retroactively remove our "bad habits" because it knows best. We all know what we mean when we say "web address" and for anything anyone cares about #thepulpit can be called a URL even though it is strictly a URI as it has no explicit network access method...but of course it has an implied network access method called a browser . (And the browser can connect to local files, hypertext, file transfer, page positions etc.)

I maintain that we should not let any "Priesthood" tell us it knows best. This is my world too and I will adopt standards I agree with and reject up-tightness I can't stand at will as a free human being and so can you.


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