Thursday, April 05, 2007


I have trespassed on some of the finest country clubs in the land ...on walks.

Apart from an innate ability to strike at things with a club, I am completely useless at golf.

I mean...the concept of grabbing a shaft close to my waist with both fists comes naturally to me, as well as the general concepts of "Flailing" and "Whacking". I love to be out in nature. Why shouldn't I like Golf?

I guess I just don't like keeping score. I wonder if drinking some scotch would actually help my game? I wouldn’t want to get ticketed for “driving” under the influence...or “putting” under the influence.

Golf was probably invented to keep firebrand scotts from flogging their mates.

In any case, until they make glowing balls that emit beeps, Golf will always be a big challenge for me.



Sara Sue said...

mmm glowing balls that emit beeps! I'll take a couple.

Sumwun said...


Sara Sue said...

Can you embed a rim shot here?

Anonymous said...

Golf is a waste of my time, I love the game but suck bad. The last time I played it landed me in the chriropractors office.

Eight Hour Lunch said...

The best I've ever done at golf was to get kicked off a course because I sucked so badly. I was 16 at the time and haven't been back. Besides, I already know how to swear. What do I need golf for?